French Montana: Comes At You With The Vengeance Of A Wounded Lion

Black women.

You go and look for trouble, calling French Montana out, mocking his career.

He comes at you with the vengeance of a wounded lion. Calls you "nappy hair".

Instead of you to fight the war you started... you turn your anger on black men.

"Where are the black brothers to stand by their black women when Montana calls them "nappy hair"?"

Did black men send you on an errand to Montana's cyber crib?

Can't a black man not care about your (nappy) issues?

Besides, don't you have nappy hair, dear black woman? Why should it offend you?
Kim Kardashian weaves her hair. Black women with peruvian weaves, bleached out skin, coloured lenses and a nose job are offended.

Offended that a white woman twisted her own hair. And wore an African fabric. Or adopt certain elements of another culture.
scratches head*

How can you be offended when you are trying so desperately in many ways to be white. To have straight hair and white features?
A black musician marries a white woman. You threaten to stop listening to his music, buying his albums.


He is a sell-out, you say?

How? Is he living his life to make black women happy? Why should he marry from his race?

You flood his IG page, talking shit about being black, beautiful and proud, and feeling disrespected that he married a white woman.

You are not "black, beautiful and proud", you are deeply troubled, insecure and silly.

Everyone has to walk on eggshells when it concerns black women. 

Written By Joy Isi Bewaji

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