Damola Olatunji: Star Artiste Of The Week

Damola Olatunji whose birthday comes every 2nd of February, is the second child in a family of six. He hails from EDUNABON in Osun state and had both his Primary and Secondary School Education in Ife,a graduate in Electrical Engineering from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos.

This handsome dude has a growing desire to engage in other activities while in school. He joined a drama group where he did some stage plays, there he got totally encouraged to become an actor in the Nollywood Movie Industry.

Damola is a Producer/Director, famous for his roles in Youruba movies which are currently showing on ApataTV+ YouTube Channel. They include: Two sides of a coin, Eri Ife, Kosewi, Feyintoluwa, Ija Olufa, Oku Were, Ibinu Aje amongst many others. 

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