Anthony Joshua: Another Slam-Fest Is Here For Us To Insult Our Country

Another slam-fest is here for us to insult our country. From Britain, Anthony Joshua offered himself for Nigeria in the 2008 Olympic Games. He was invited to come join the boxing training in Nigeria but he couldn't come.

Training was already concluded and two indigenous boxers selected, when he finally was ready to join. Too late, said the coach, who could not throw away the local boxers who had trained all the while and sweated. 

He couldn't send them away for someone he had not even seen! Of course Nigerians would have roasted him if he had done that. They would say he despised local content, that he had an inferiority complex, or that he had been bribed.

He would have even been more roasted if Joshua had been selected and he lost. They would parrot analyses on how the rejected locals had a better chance from their precedents.

For doing what was the right thing in the circumstance, the coach is now being insulted alongside Nigeria.

He should have gone ahead to send hardworking locals away for someone who had not trained with him for a single day! How do you please Nigerians? 

Written By Immanuel James Ibe-Anyanwu
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