What's Ifa

Again, what's Ifa?
Ifa is the totality of Yoruba's spiritual, moral and natural philosophies.

Spiritual philosophy as in the sacredness of the Yoruba godhead or divine intelligence - Olodumare, and its visible manifestations in nature (I.e. the Orisas). 

Further, as in Yoruba creation story and eschatology (I.e. the concepts of Egungun, transmigration of soul (Akudaiya), and reincarnation - Babatunde, Iyabode, Omotunde etc). And finally, as in the concepts of Ori, kadara and akunleyan.

Moral philosophy as in the concepts of Iwapele, Iwarere, Suru, Omoluabi, ebo ruru etc.

Natural or scientific philosophy as in the concept of Ori (initial condition), Tibi tire, "two-truths" or binary principle (base 2), probability and randomness, determinism and uncertainty, geomancy/divination, recursion, information theory, chaos theory etc.

In the Oodua nation that we've proposed, a high school graduate will be able to use Ifa to formulate the sequential order in the evolution of knowledge and explain all known subject areas, from Law to quantum physics

Written By Ifa Dare
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