What You Don't Know About Tboss And Bisola! The Big Brother House Mates

Tboss has been all over my timeline. There's a passionate campaign from women I actually like- Amanda and Olaide, to accumulate as many votes as humanly possible to keep the woman in the Big Brother house.

With the passion they have invested in this, I think it is right to call her Tbuzzzzzzz.

Buzzzzzzing all over social media.

Curiosity won! I check in on #BBNaija every Sunday, in the last two weeks to watch the eviction show. Unfortunately I missed all the kisses, the bare breasts, sexual assault and Ebuka's bulge (*coughs)...

But what I have not missed watching the updates and you tube moments is the profound level of disgust and deep seated hate and/or envy Bisola has for Tboss.

And like a typical woman, she manages to amass support for her well camouflaged but firmly established discomfort for another woman by turning the tables ever so often to the direction of her bitterness by making the other woman (Tboss) the centre of every hate discussion, every hostile comment, every resentful speech, every mocking rumour/whisper...

Because Bisola thinks she can hide her own inadequacies and insecurities and possible shame under the froth of contempt she is creating around Tboss.

But like every lather, it will finally perish. And the rest of the world (at least the discerning, albeit a few) will be able to see what dirty water lurks beneath. Whitewash.

Just in case you don't understand where I'm headed...

I hate women like Bisola. I have spent the last two years deleting them from my life.

What she represents is everything I have despised for years.

I am indifferent about Tboss. But I will survive lunch and a movie and easy friendship with her.

Bisola? I will dine with a shark instead.

Bisola has a bigger chance to win this money. Because Bisola represents the kind of woman Nigerians can tolerate.

Tboss, on the other hand, makes y'all uncomfortable, uneasy. We just don't like people who are different from what we see around us- idiosyncracies and all.

"She's fake," one (other) customer at a salon screamed as #BBNaija was on.

"Why?" I asked, "Because she reminds you of something you like to admire from a distance?"

"Who told you she is beautiful!" She screamed louder.

"Who told you I was speaking of beauty?!" I screamed back.

You hate her because she doesn't remind you of anyone you know. You want her to dance. You want her to sing. You want her to sit around and do stuff like everyone else.

And the woman has refused to fit into your tiny Nigerian box.

What can be realer than that?

Tboss will leave eventually, but let it be known... she is beautiful just the way she is.

And the rest of you can have your typical meal for lunch. 

Written By Joy Isi Bewaji
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