Too Late To Look You In The Eye And Tell You No One Has Such Power Over Other Humans

No matter how much you ridicule a girl's dependence on her boyfriend, it never justifies violence or any form of activity that endangers another human life.

You saw she was dependent before going to ask her out, you neither found a way to correct her bad view of life.

You ensured she continued depending on you, you made yourself her daddy. You even enjoyed narcissistic pleasure of hearing a girl call you "Daddy", you know as per BDSM maestro that you are.

 You never gave her a sit down nor allowed her a chance to look you in the eye, you continued to subdue, punish and humiliate her because that is what "she deserves." People will hail your "Sharpness," they will say you are the real MVP.

But one day will come, you will see yourself as God. You will lift yourself up and ascend to the very throne of the almighty in the life of this other human, you will be so sure that this life belongs to you and you can snuff it out anytime you wish.

You will stab her, starve her, riddle her body with bullet holes and then it will also be too late to sit you down and correct you. 

It will be too late to look you in the eye and tell you no one has such power over other humans, it would be too late to tell you how evil your ways are.

Written By Damilola Jonathan Oladeji
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