Speaker Of The Ondo State House Of Assembly-Jumoke Akindele, Has Just Forwarded Her Resignation Letter

The erstwhile speaker of the Ondo State House of Assembly-Jumoke Akindele, has just forwarded her resignation letter because women are held to a higher standard than men in public office.

The attack on females in Nigerian politics is not unprecedented as the same treatment was given to Patricia Etteh and Stella Oduah.

Don't come to my face saying women are corrupt too.

It's only a female in Nigerian politics that can be held accountable, ask Bukola Saraki and Lawal.

I want a president that can be held accountable when they steal, women have a higher standard in Nigerian politics that's why they will resign rather than shade blood for a political office.

Nigeria will be on the right track when a female president is elected on 2019.

Jumoke might not have been honourable to join the men of that House in stealing but she has done the right thing by resigning thus proving that women in politics will resign rather than drag their reputation through the mud. 

Written By Darren Idongesit
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