Rabid Arsenal Hater Tried To Quate The Club With Second Rate Clubs Of The EPL

Babatunde Ogala, a rabid Arsenal hater tried to equate the club with second rate clubs of the EPL. An Alawada Kerikeri attempt to denigrate a great club. Here's my response to the absurdity he posted on his timeline. An absolute sacrilege to football if you ask me. Here goes:

"Ogala: As with most Arsenal haters, the premise for your post is absolutely wrong. Arsenal fans want the club to win trophies but there is that extra about Arsenal which the fans love that mystify folks like you who enjoy gbam-gbam-din-din football as long as there is a trophy to win.

"That is the mystique of the Arsenal fan. He is artistic in disposition. He is given to the higher arts of beauty, flow and eloquence in the field of play. Arsenal football is unique, tantalizing, mesmerizing even if they recently have not won trophy. It is reason while the special art of Wenger and the captivating artistry of his boys in play is called Champagne Football.

"No club in England, and perhaps only Barcelona in Europe, boasts of this uniqueness. None. And I say it with all amount of seriousness. We the fans of Arsenal will continue to dumbfound folks like you.

"If I wanted to watch just shoot and score football, I will rather go watch local matches on grass bare pitches in Ajegunle. If I am content with a little skill and lazy overprized players I will waste my time watching Man.U or Chelsea.

"That you compare Arsenal with third rate clubs in the EPL is to suffer from acute deficit of informed analyses. I ask you, how many clubs in the EPL have consistently been in top four of the EPL as well as in the champions league? Your club?

"I put your article to serious lack of awareness or absolute penchant for deliberate distortion of facts so sacredly beautiful about Arsenal.

"The Arsenal fans' joy which is beyond your understanding will always confound you. Just stay on your tuft and enjoy your Police ball."  

Written By Ken Tadaferua
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