I See People Are Now Arguing For The Return Of Subsidie

Same people who argued subsidies only benefit the rich, and was so excited thumping up the government when it decided 145 Naira per litre pump price was a blessing for the economy. 

And that the inevitable inflation was inconsequential, as their Sai Baba had enough wand to muster, and everything emanating from him should remain unassailable . 

Some of the hypnotised lots camouflaging as analysts,albeit arm chair ones, who in their narcissism mistook their ability of flowery language delivery for depth and knowledge based clairvoyance would even haughtily unfriend you when you tell them their narrative and hope that the market forces would force down price to their campaign nirvana of 50 Naira was balderdash and forlorn. 

These are the gullible lots that are mostly regretting and eating their vomits. They are who my Akure people would refer to as the real edas in the unfolding drama .

Written By Olasunkanmi Olapeju
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