2Face Is Trending

People just don't get it. Tu Face is trending. In his line of business popularity and notoriety are one and the same. It is good for business.

 When his next single or album drops, you will 'hear'. Seriously, what was the point of the protest again? To draw attention to the economic hardship Nigerians are facing today from a government that promised much but is delivering little.

 Even some of those who traditionally stood with the President saw the need to identify with the protest in spirit. 

Now that's a significant change from the perspective of one who has been calling for the populace to demand performance from this government. 

Tu Face has awakened a consciousness that wasn't there. That is how I see what he has done. He has done so without violence and loss of blood.

 I respect his decision not to go ahead. When I learnt today that the President had to delay his return, I appreciated more Tu Face's decision.

 This is not the time. In any case the protest is medicine after death. When we had a chance to engage this government and chart the right course for this government and our economy, some of our compatriots were the ones who stood with the President when policies that sent this economy on a tail spin were being introduced. 

They were the ones who called us doomsday prophets and sore losers when we warned of what was to come if we did not give our economy the priority it deserved.

Written By Kayode Olagesin
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