Never Let The Negative Opinions Of Others Become Your Reality

 Everyone said Trump 'can NEVER win' the presidential elections. On the day he declared, the betting odds against him was 1 in 800. Yet here we are!
You will only become what YOU THINK, NOT what Others Think. So don't let them make you think of yourself as they think of you.

Remember, this in 2017: The BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND is where they first take you out! THEY HAVE TO TAKE YOUR MIND BEFORE THEY CAN TAKE YOUR SOUL.

Believe in yourself and over time, your adversaries will eventually come to believe in you and even ask you how you are doing it!

In case you are wondering how can that your intelligent teacher could be wrong or how even your parents could be wrong about you or how your colleagues could be wrong about OR how your wife/husband who think they know everything about you could be wrong, take a look at these famous 'FAILURES' that those closes to them have written

Even concerning JESUS, the so-called intelligent pundits of his time wrote: "Can anything good come of Nazareth?'. They tried to take him out from belief in his mission by reminding him of his heritage.

 In the end the ' nazareth pundits' because his follow-follow disciples when action started!

Written By Ope Banwo.
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