How Do You See Yourself

 One thing i have noticed about human nature is that people, including myself, always feel a compelling need to act the way they see themselves.
So, if you see yourself as poor or a victim of circumstances, you will ALWAYS consistently act that part - (You will always be complaining about the rich, you will be attracted to conversations about how unfair life is; you will always be noticing discrimination everywhere, and you will generally do what poor or 'discriminated-against' people do)

On the other hand, if you see yourself as a successful person, or a success rope climber, who is just a few rungs to get to the top, all you will always see are opportunities to move up one more rung on the success ladder. You will be bored with conversations that look down, and will not do stuff unproductive to your success rope climbing.

What is also funny is that the world will often agree with you about how you see yourself over time regardless of the actual facts.

 If you Talk and Act and Do a part long enough, the world will agree with you that you ARE that part, and facts wont matter. Mohammed Ali SAW HIMSELF AS THE GREATEST BOXER ON EARTH and he acted it, said it, and worked like that enough that the world agreed with him....regardless of the facts.

So, 2017 is about to run out of one full month, HOW DO YOU SEE YOURSELF? What you see is what you become. Lets go!

Written By Ope Banwo
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