Violence Is Not The Answer

I am yet to understand, why some people find this funny, the lady in this picture was reported to have gone to a hair dressing salon with her new boyfriend for a hair do, after which the supposed boyfriend left her there promised to be back to pay for her bills. 

 After hours of waiting he didn't show up and the stylist did this to her(shaved her hair)...

 I am surprised at women of nowadays, I mean what is this hatered all about? Judging from this picture. 

The hair looks synthetic, meaning it's not very expensive, at most everything should be about four thousand Naira.

Am not angry at her boyfriend not coming back, but the things that worries me most is, why would a woman do this to a fellow woman, this is wickedness, she could have collected her phone instead of this.  

But, did this got you your money? No!  Did this got you respect? No!  Have you thought the younger ones kindness and patience? No!  Have you been a good example to other women or stylist? No! And we think that the problems with Nigerians are the leaders. 

Let the right people judge, but I know violence is not the answer.

But I hope this will serve as a good lesson for the ones who put all their hope and expense on a guy, try to be independent, do always have your own money with you to avoid embarassment, life is all about risk but don't always take it.  See more (Photos).

Photos From  H-Metro
Written By  Tycoon
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