Leicester And Chelsea Are Not In The Same Category

History, at least of English Premier League Football, is cruel. Today, Leicester inhabits very much the same circumstances as did Chelsea only a few months ago.

 I am yet to hear anyone asking for the Manager's scalp. I am also yet to hear any negative comment in spite of Leicester's home loss this week.

 Now, I understand that there are moments when even the most talkative can keep their mouths in check. 

That aside, I have been wondering what the loud guns of North London would have had to say had the Blues from the Burrough of Chelsea been in the same spot today as the Blues from the Midlands. 

Surely, silence would not have been their most popular vocation. Of that, I am reasonably sure....

 I believe the near or total absence of the customary English media/pundits' criticism stems from the low expectation placed on the chances of Leicester retaining their title. 

Ranieri himself actually said it would be impossible to retain the title, that helped.

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