We Have Lost Our Humanity

I am horrified by a very disturbing post I just saw. A minor -and someone took a picture and shared this horror as people stood and watched. Sick to the very pit of my stomach.

 We have lost our humanity. We do not know that the blood of people like these blights and condemns us all

. The pain we suffer as a nation is not unconnected with the blood on our collective hands. Both perpetuators and those who watch it happen and do nothing.

 Better to die a martyr saving that boy than have it on my conscience for life. Physical lynchings, media lynchings - all it takes is an accusation and people turn prosecutor, jury and executioner.

We are a sick nation, very sick! But we have been here before as I remember the students lynched in PH years back.

Has anyone been brought to justice? What about the woman killed in Abuja, I hear those arrested have been released.

Will this boy get any justice? I doubt it but there is one judgement that we will all face and all those who took part in this will face the wrath of the Almighty.

 A generational curse is upon them. They will not escape it.

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