Queen Of Katwe' A Review by Tycoons Updates

Do you know Robert Katende? You may google the name if you don't. 

You'd have close to 500,000 results in 0.63seconds. From a slum of slums, that name has moved all over the world with the movie, Queen of Katwe.

 His extra pairs of lenses and passion to help children through sports earned him this growing fame. Imagine he nicely and quietly sent Phiona away from the Pioneers team the first day she came in and got into a fight! He would have signed his popularity and greatness away.... just like that!

Teachers, learn to see beyond the 'bad moves' of your students because your own careless (or blind) move can cost much more than you imagine. In his words, "We must be kind to the wicked".... learn it!

 Everyone should see this Life Changing Movie.

But Let me share a few lessons from it:

1. A Fighting Spirit is a good start for your life's journey.

2. The size of your opponent/obstacle shouldn't affect/kill your dreams!

3. Never give up or surrender your dreams.

4. The only Person stopping you is "YOU"

5. Everyone needs a Great coach and a Mentor who is ready to push your dreams to achievement.

6. Sometimes the place we are use to is not the place we belong

7. Everyone has a broken piece, what matters is how you pick up the pieces and move on.

8. Losing/failure open doors for greater opportunities .
9. Losing teaches us how to play better.

10. Your background doesn't determine the possibilities and options available to you.

11. The problem is not the problem, how you see the problem is the problem.

12. Coaches/advocates can make the journey of life faster, we all need a shoulder to climb on.

13.  Never compromise, never give up. Poverty can't limits your choices.

14.  Even without having it all you can still make a difference.

Tell me which one catches  your attention . 

Reviewed by Tycoons Updates.

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