Niger Delta Militants Struck Again

In the midst of all the excitement or lamentation, as the case may be, about the American Presidential election, Niger Delta Militants struck again at the Shell Forcados station and there goes 300 barrels of oil per day as we have another shut it.

 It took five months or so to repair and a month or two after is started operations again, the militants strike. It is really sad, I have sympathy for resource control but this is not the way to go about it.

 I spoke earlier of the need to emulate the Americans in putting country first after the acrimonious elections.

 But here we are, there are the Hawks who believe government should not dialogue but apply military might to decimate the militants without understanding the nature of the creeks and there are those like the avengers who believe they must cripple this nation to make their point.

 In the end, we are all losers. How do we take advantage of improving oil prices when we cannot scale up production? When will we see the light and put our economic well being first? As the Yorubas say, when hunger is removed from poverty, poverty is diminished.

 We are playing with 'hunger'
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