Message From Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani, former New York City Mayor and Trump Adviser just now on CNN giving reasons why he preferred Trump to Clinton as President stated that he was uncomfortable with the socialist direction that a Clinton Presidency represented and preferred the capitalist, opportunist direction for America which a Trump Presidency represented.

 I seriously can relate with that. He put quite succinctly the ideological question I had to answer in the build up to our 2014 elections.

 I believe entrepreneurship and a private sector driven economy with a concurrent reduction of government's involvement in business is the way forward for Nigeria. 

Messages in the opposite direction was at odds with my ideological leanings. 

Giuliani put so succinctly my beliefs. Poverty can only be reduced through wealth creation not giving out handouts.

 Government should simply confine themselves to creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurship from micro to big businesses to thrive.
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