Mentorship With Deolu

Day 4- Mentorship session with Adeolu Akinyemi

Mentorship with deolu was full of encouragement . We spent the day with Alex Goma.  

 Mr Alex Goma, a Sales and Marketing guru of almost 3 decades of experience in the field and the present MD, PZ Cussons, Family Care Unit:


1. A Business is different from an Investment. A Business takes a lot of money,skills, labour, supervision, support, emotion and energy to grow and thrive into big success in the long run while Investmnt requires little or no physical involvement, labour, experience to grow but may involved a lot money with capacity to yield limited success in the  long run.

2. As the boss in a business what really put you on top as the boss is not only financial ownership of the business but been able to do all what other staffs are doing well, that is the biggest inspiration to your staff.

3.Most business fail because people treat it like an investment.

4. Experience is not in the number of years but the number of different things you have handled and the skills learnt. 

5. Knowledge is not enough. The world pays for what you do with what you know.

- Marketing is about creating value through a product or service that meets a particular need.

- People pay more when you create emotional value for your product or service. Product or services that learn to deliver more emotional value get to charge more.

Few Skills to be successful in life:

1. Seek to understand before to be understood.

2. Persistence, Determination and Purpose Driven.

3. Character they say defines your person.

4. Integrity: a whole lot of people have lost it here.

5. Courage to move on.

6. The power of Choice, driven by vision and purpose.

 Learn and Grow:

1. Make Choices based on your visions or purpose, doing this will ensure you stay focused.

2. When you create value, money will come. It's not money first before value.

3. Spend time on creating emotional value for your products. That way the customer will thinking of buying i.e. product first .

4. Make your product visible and available.  

5. You need to hire the right hands into your business before you can be successful.

6. Everything begins with a vision. A visionless man will struggle. -In tough times, what becomes your anchor is your vision. Your vision should drive the choices you make everyday! Life is all about choices!

7. Marketing is about creating values through products or services.

8. The more you invest in creating an emotional value for your customers, the more you win them.


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