God Help Nigeria

Can you picture President Buhari having some of his prominent supporters on social media as Ministers in his cabinet? 

They would have told him not to liberalise the price of petrol and Naira (in the forex market). 

They would have told him he is on the right path and he should not reverse himself even as the economy went to ruin. 

 All they have to say is, ride on boss, you are not the one to be blame .

 All our problem is because of the last regime". 

They would not have allowed him to give us the recent policy announcements that give us some measure of qualified hope, that it may be difficult today, it certainly will get better tomorrow if we just act in the best interest of our economy. 

Such is the nature of sycophantic support on social media today. 

The Nigerian elite and intelligentsia is part of Nigeria's biggest problem. 

God help us.
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