Even If They Fail to Admit

I did a mental check and discovered that majority of my friends and family improved in the last 5 years.

The evidence is there for all to see even if they fail to admit it, our common friends and family can attest to it. 

But they would have us believe that the improvement it's a whole lot, In terms of improving In their business. 

Doing well in any business Is not about the economy system. 

Most times the advantages is in the services you offer. 

So how do you do well if your clients are doing badly or get promoted if your employers are in dire straits? 

The worst kind of lie is the one we tell ourselves. How have we thrived in the hopeless situation we paint?

 How are those companies serving the bottom of the pyramid thriving given the picture of pervasive poverty we paint?

A bad plan is always better than no plan. There is nothing so disturbing than living without a purpose or plan.

 Always plan, this will help you to concentrate your effort on the vision on paper,  

 Your plans should include 3 types of lists namely:

1. To do list - What you must do daily.

2. To behave list - How you must behave daily

3. To become list - Where i want to be if i do the first two.

You will notice that you can decide the elements of the first two list but the third is automatically generated based on the first two lists.
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