Change Is At The Door

Beauty for ashes, America's democracy shines. Watching Hilary Clinton's speech and I doff my hat to her and America. 

The contestants, the media are regrouping behind America. I look forward to a similar conciliatory speech by Trump. America first is the mantra to heal a divided nation.

 Hopefully, we will learn a thing or two that we can apply here on how to put our country first and rally in victory or defeat for the good of the country. 

Donald Trump specifically mentioned Nigeria and Nigerians during his campaign, negatively. What is the implication of his Presidency to Nigeria and Nigerians in the Diaspora?

Change is at the door. Like Nigeria, like Brexit and now, like America? Sentiments rule.

 Should the trend continue, Now Trump is the President and it will have a big effect on America and the world. 

Then we can only hope the American establishment and institutions will hold out against this bull in a potential China shop

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