Change Begins With Me

The 'Change begins with me' message may sound hollow coming from the mouth of this administration because of the lofty promises they made, but let us face it, it is the truth we need to tell ourselves. 

 If Nigerians showed more integrity and less religion we would be a better country. If we were more principled and ethical in conduct we won't be where we are.

This message, forget the messenger and the timing, is something for us to reflect upon, privately. I understand the people's angst and it is justified, the administration wished it upon themselves presenting themselves in messianic robes and promising things that had no bearing with the immediate realities.

 That was pure deception but some people feeling shortchanged also knew better or played along. That is the starting point of the individual change matter.

 Lie less and be more discerning in separating facts from propaganda.

All of us must take an inward look and examine the man in the mirror; forget social media and the thousands of likes, what does your personal conduct, day to day, say to the people around you. What is in you that needs to change for the better for Nigeria to change.

 Let us dwell on the message and not the messenger. It may sound one kin coming from this government but we truly need to change our ways.

 Honestly, most Nigerians are generally not model citizens and that is the plain truth.
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