Beauty In The Face of Hunger

 I understand the demolitions to make way for a key infrastructure like the overhead bridge at Abule Egba. 

The overriding public good trumps other arguments but the demolition of shops across the metropolis by the Lagos State government at this time of economic recession without alternatives leaves me in shock. 

I saw the one in Magodo earlier then I saw that of Jakande Estate in Isolo yesterday and I ask, of what use is beauty when people are hungry?

True we must consider the environment and enforce adherence to planning laws but addressing decades long abuse in one fell swoop in the middle of a recession when people are struggling to eke out a living is callous. I am a fan of Governor Ambode but this action at this time is fundamentally flawed.

It is my hope that the Lagos State government will provide spaces for shops and ground rules to maintain sanity. People should not be turned to beggars and destitute overnight by a government they voted into power.

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