American Voted And Elected Their President


 I am confused. Somebody PLEASE break it down for me: Trump just won a free and fair election with 279 delegates to 22

8 for Hillary, and we have people protesting on the streets?

Everywhere I turn people tell me 'Trump is useless', 'Trump is unelectable' and 'Trump can never win'. 

Yet he KEPT WINNING. And some people who know nothing about the real political realities of America are behaving as if he didn’t win the election free and clear. 

WHO VOTED FOR HIM? IS IT TOGOLESE OR RUSSIANS? American voted and elected their President. SIMPLE.

During the primaries, against all odds, He buried 16 heavy weights in the Republican party and people still didn't understand what’s going on. 

Basically, destroyed the political viability of low energy Jeb Bush forever. Buried Little Marco in his own backyard, and took down the lying Ted Cruz. 

In the process, he got MORE PRIMARY VOTES THAN ANY REPUBLICAN IN HISTORY. Still people didn’t understand and give him his dues as a man very connected to the 'real silent Americans'.

During the national elections, he was counted out many times. his own party leaders PUBLICLY DISOWNED HIM.

 A popular governor in his own party SHAMELESSLY said he didn’t vote for him. His own party Speaker of the congress, refused to defend him.

 They threw everything at him. He could not get the big money to support him. Despite being a billionaire, Hillary still outspent him 2 to 1 in election adverts.

Yet, despite all that. Despite all the LIES OF CNN who managed to convince the gullible that Hillary would BLOW him away, he came back, and buried the powerful Clinton family once and for all.

Trump kept going and kept saying he would bury them all at the end of the day and he was right. He took their strongholds and turn it into his personal stumping ground.

 He went to Arkansas where Clintons were royalty, and took over their palace. He went to North Carolina where everyone tells us Clinton owned, and despite multiple appearances by the partisan president and the delusional title of 'The Closer' given to Michelle Obama, Trump went into North Carolina and swept away the amazing bill Clinton and closed out the closer.

He went to Florida where we were told the high Hispanic population and large population of blacks will bury him, instead he took everyone out including little Marco who did not campaign for him.

 While he was on a rampage, he even had 29% of Hispanic votes in the process, and still people are talking like he stole he election.

 Seriously, if nobody liked Trumped, who were the 59,689,467 PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR HIM? TRUMP WON 279 DELEGATES to Hillary's 228/. Sp whats all the crying all about. Democrats should suck it up, wake up and smell the coffee. It is clear Americans are tired of politics as usual..
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