What Is The Level Of Success

I refrain from using strong language but I really wonder at the depth of thought of some of our compatriots.

 When we said the alliance of strange bed fellows in the APC will soon lead to disunity in government, long before it manifested, we were called names but today we know better. 

We had earlier warned that Nigerians would regret protesting against fuel subsidy and today we know better.

 We also warned of recession if urgent attention was not taken on the economy last year but we were said to be having sour grapes now we know better as recession has taken hold of Nigeria

. We said a war against corruption that is not institutionalized will yield little or no fruit, that we need to strengthen the laws and not just grandstand, we were told to shut up. 

Today, all the machiavellian approach to fighting corruption, what fruit has it yielded beyond excite a few of our compatriots. What is the level of success in terms of convictions? In the end, the existing laws will still be applied.

 The classic definition of madness is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. What has happened to the onslaught on the legislators using the same Machiavellian tactics? Today the hunter has become the hunted.

 It is the height of stupidity not to know that although the Executive may have the power of arrest and prosecution they do not have the power to convict.

 If conviction is the goal then we must act according to law and in a way not to antagonize the constituency with the power to convict. 

The executive with all the power they have does not have the power to convict. To convict judges you must act according to the dictates of the law and play according to the rule to ensure a better chance of success. 

The Machiavellian principle is result oriented. What the DSS have done is far from Machiavellian, it is in fact working against their goal, which qualifies for no other descriptor than stupid.

 Can someone please teach our law enforcement agencies the principle behind Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).

 It is about results not grand standing. Kindly tell me how many convictions the law enforcement agencies have with their blatant disregard for the Rule of Law.
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