Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Paid


 Every time you leave your home, apartment, condo, etc do NOT come back until you make one new connection / relationship. Aka, cold marketing. Whether you're at the bar, gym, dorm room, or office MEET SOMEONE NEW & have a conversation. Make sure you get their name, number, to set up another exposure to your product / service. & no, don't try to close them right away.

 We are living in the most connected time in history. Today, make 2 new connections via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. Ask some questions. Get interested in them. Don't pitch them, get to know them. Find where they're struggling & how what you have can help genuinely help them.

 If you have 1, 100, 10,000, or 100,000 people in your team then you're a leader. Select a few & put an action plan together to help them rank advance in the company. I call this "running." Who are you running? Find 2 hungry people, set a plan of action, & get busy.

 Only spend 20 minutes today doing this but has your company launched a new product of service in the last 90 days? If they have then get on your back office and call up some people who "quit" and tell them about the exciting news. A one time customer can become a repeat customer. If they purchased once, they will purchase again. If your company has great products, EX: a supplement that's helping people lose weight or better yet a service that's helping people earn money and build wealth.) CALL THEM UP!!!

 Probably the most important thing you can do to get paid and promoted is to go build new people and new teams. Go show your current team YOU DON'T NEED THEM to win. In my career whenever it got slow, I went and sponsored a new stud & turned them into a success story. It shows your current team that you're doing it with or without them & nothing is more exciting than a new success story.
There's no such thing as an overnight success story. Keep making your DEPOSITS, keep PLANTING YOUR SEEDS, & you'll get yours.. trust me. 

 remember to pay your dues.

Written By Alex Morton.
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