The New Oba Of Benin

For the records, the Oba of Benin is a FIRSTCLASS Traditional Ruler in Edo State, SouthSouth Nigeria, Highly respected.
It had been about 14days of ceremonies & activities leading to today's coronation with the Oba walking many kilometres. Events today saw him walking from the Usama palace (where history says the 1st 4Obas stayed) through a symbolic bridge into Benin and to the city centre at Urhokpota, Ring Road where he received his Staff of Office.

Formerly addressed as crown prince (Ambassador) Eheneden Erediauwa, He will be the 1st Oba in modern Benin history to receive a 'symbolic' Staff of Office from a Sitting Governor, none else but Comrade Gov. Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole.

And then the New Oba chose to rewrite or reaffirm history at his coronation, He had been tagged the 39th Oba so far, with reference to Oba Eweka 1, Son of Oranmiyan as 1st Oba, but he affirmed Oranmiyan, son of Oduduwa as 1st Oba. Thus making him the 40th Oba of Benin kingdom also citing the great historian Jacob Egharevba book on this matter and this was right in the presence of the Ooni of Ife, Oba Ogunwusi, Ojaja II. It is on record that historians...
Have constantly debated on the origins of the Binis from Yorubas (Oduduwa/Oranmiyan - IleIfe) with differing views.

Suffice to say that a New Oba chooses a name which he will be officially addressed with from coronation. A name all members of his immediate family shall bear henceforth. The 40th Oba used to be Eheneden Akenzua and became Eheneden Erediauwa when his father the 39th Oba was crowned 37yrs ago. Today he chose the name EWUARE II

So henceforth all his children and descendants bear EWUARE, not Erediauwa any longer. That's Bini Tradition.

And YES! We had EWUARE I also known as Ewuare the Great, 13th Oba of Benin whose exploits are numerous to mention.

So the Updated List of Obas that have Ruled Benin kingdom goes thus...
2. Eweka I (1180–1246)
3. Uwuakhuahen (1246–1250)
4. Ehenmihen (1250–1260)
5. Ewedo (1260–1274)
6. Oguola (1274–1287)
7. Edoni (1287–1292)
8. Udagbedo (1292–1329)
9. Ohen (1329–1366)
10. Egbeka (1366–1397)
11. Orobiru (1397–1434)
12. Uwaifiokun (1434–1440)
13. Ewuare I (1440–1473)
14. Ezoti (1473–1475)
15. Olua (1475–1480)
16. Ozolua (1480–1504)
17. Esigie (1504–1547)
18. Orhogbua (1547–1580)
19. Ehengbuda (1580–1602)
20. Ohuan (1602–1656)
21. Ohenzae (1656–1661)
22. Akenzae (1661–1669)
23. Akengboi (1669–1675)
24. Akenkpaye (1675–1684)
25. Akengbedo (1684–1689)
26. Ore-Oghene (1689–1701)
27. Ewuakpe (1701–1712)
28. Ozuere (1712–1713)
29. Akenzua I (1713–1740)
30. Eresoyen (1740–1750)
31. Akengbuda (1750–1804)
32. Obanosa (1804–1816)
33. Ogbebo (1816)
34. Osemwende (1816–1848)
35. Adolo (1848–1888)
36. Ovonramwen Nogbaisi (1888–1914)
37. Eweka II (1914–1933)
38. Akenzua II (1933–1978)
39. Erediauwa (1979-2016)
40. Ewuare II (2016- )
The Messiah of Edo politics Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomole presenting the staff office to Oba EWUARE N'Ogidingan11 See more (photos)

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