Thanks To Facebook

My knowledge on a broad range of issues has increased, thanks to Facebook. 

I have come across many intelligent writers who have introduced fresh perspective on issues that challenged or reinforced my position.

 I have come across many value adding posts and commentaries on so many issues. 

Facebook is a school where you learn everyday. I also got my muse back and surprised at the ease with which I am writing again.

 I thought briefs and proposals buried that part of me. I have found solutions to challenges through one Facebook friend or acquaintance. 

Someone thought me how to edit posts and comments on Facebook! Facebook is also where you find all manner of banalities and people without manners. Where you find some people display a lack of intelligence that is inhuman. 

You also find things that make you cry and things that make you laugh. Some people have dedicated themselves to making us laugh.

 I won't mention names but I salute all those who make our day time and time again. 

Then there are those who help us remember to continue to strive and work the narrow path, that keep us spiritually alive. 

Continue for your reward is in heaven. Then there are those who come here to lie, defile and abuse, you too your reward cometh someday. 

What is your own purpose? What value are you adding and what value are you getting. 

Everything all considered, I consider every minute I spend here very well utilized. 

Coming here stimulates my intellectual juices and that's the simple truth.
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