People Ask Me Why


People ask me why I still work so hard and  strive to become better and better 24/7....

I get the opportunity to read inspiring and amp; impactful messages on a daily basis from people all over the world who I've affected in a positive way.

That to me is worth more than any check.

"Hey man just wanted to give a little love out your way, thank you for being you,  being real and always telling it how it is. 

You have been a huge influence to me as I've grown into an entrepreneur and really learning what my passion is in life.
 I know your a normal average guy that Grew up in a small town and made big things happen.

 That's why I think I connected with your story I was from a very small town graduation class was 106 I finally moved away from Illinois to follow my path and expand my entrepreneurial journey.

Thank you so much man for everything you  have done,  even the small stuff you may not think has any effect on anybody it really does it's the small stuff that stuck with me.

You came to Chicago at the beginning of the year for an event I came even though I wasn't a part of the company at the time and we got to sit down at the table and talk with the group and just seeing how humble you were even though everybody knew you were so tired from your travels and you still gave us so much of your time at 1am!

That was amazing just small stuff like that thank you!"

I'm grateful that I found my purpose and mission in life at 21 years old and I won't stop until my last breath..

Love you guys ❤️❤️👊👊

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