Message From My Good Friend Alex Morton To The World

Dear World,

Pay no attention to small minds, negative people, the dream stealers of the world.

Find your passion and purpose, wake up every single day and be inspired to go out and do something you love.

You can't control what other people think about you. In fact, people's opinions of you aren't even your business.

Our time on this earth is short. Don't waste it scrolling mindlessly through social media. Don't waste it wishing and hoping for a better life. Instead, go get the damn job done. Work your ass off. Hustle, Grind, Sweat, Sacrifice and don't take no for an answer.

You're capable of accomplishing anything you desire. Treat people well, work hard, stay humble, help the 'little guy and no matter how hard it may get, never give up on your dreams!


Written By Alex Morton
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