Justice With Injustice

How can we pursue justice with injustice. Must the fight against corruption be corrupted? DSS arresting Judges gestapo style? Is that not intended to instill fear in the judiciary so they cannot dispense justice without fear or favour. 

Will any judge rule against the Federal Government knowing the sword of DSS and EFCC dangles over their head? There is a process for disciplining and dealing with erring judges. 

The security agencies can organize sting operations but they must act within the confines of the law and not do anything that undermines the principle of the separation of powers as enshrined in our constitution.

 All men of goodwill who mean well for this country must speak up against this evil. There is a dark ominous cloud over this nation. 

The government is courting anarchy for that is what the action of the DSS can bring about. What stops aggrieved litigants turning on judges since the Executive have started the action.

 It started with words and now we have Police action. Everyone must rise to condemn this latest onslaught against our democracy and it must be resisted, lawfully. Kudos to the NBA for leading this initiative.

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