Sometimes I asked myself  this question,“Why Am I Married” Reasons being I found that one man I will and could spend my whole life with, without looking back in regrets and rejections.

It’s really baffles me when I hear of wives cheating on their husbands and husbands doing same and feels it’s their right to do so. Excuse me, where is it written that you can do that as a man or woman and still show your shameless or shameful face to talk when true men/women are talking.

While in the office yesterday, my colleague showed me a video of a woman committing adultery which was said to be recorded by her own husband. Which he went ahead to show to her family members in a meeting he called. But what did he gain doing that, nothing because she ended up committing suicide.

 Did he take his time to ASK WHY she did such a forbidden act, NO, all he wanted was to satisfy his ego, and what she wanted was to satisfy her sexual feeling, which I believe she wasn’t getting from her husband. This aspect of their life was not fully communicated to each other. Both were wrong in their way of handling their shortcoming, COMMUNICATION would have being the true solution here.

My Sweet husband will always say Communication in any relationship is the foundation of that relationship. YOU MUST TALK! Yes talk, ask for it if your not getting it in full, if you are married you paid for it and was paid for, if your single please, stay away from it, because that’s a major road to HEARTBREAK.

Before I got married, we talked about all out weaknesses and strength and made sure we worked on them before and after marriage. We total agreed that it was going to be SEX AFTER MARRIAGE, not sex before; we prayed about it and agreed on it.

We never did until after our marriage blessing, this went a long way in helping us build our “friendship” than our “sexship”.

I remember when I was very young I see lots of married men come to look for my sisters and cousins; well I knew nothing then so all I knew was to collect whatever gift they brought for me.

But why did they cheat on their wives, that I can't answer cos I don’t know. But deep inside there should be good reasons for that, but whatever good reason IT’S STILL NOT A GOOD THING.

Because chosen that person as your partner means your contented with what he/she has to offer you.
80% of people that call for counseling with my husband and I is all about he’s cheating, she’s a cheat, from married , courting  or even boyfriends and girlfriends.

NOW my QUESTION for TODAY is WHY will you be WITH someone you know you will CHEAT on?
I have not finished , I’ll continue when I get good responses from matured minds…

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