Get In The Top 10%

Recently, there's been a major shift taking place within the Millennial Generation. More and more young people are becoming aware & waking up to the BS employee mentality that we've been raised with, becoming entrepreneurs, & I freaking love it.

Whether it's close friends, family, or acquaintances on social media, it's easy to see that us millennials are gravitating towards INSURANCE, REAL ESTATE, DOOR TO DOOR, & DIRECT SALES. Again, I love it. However, these spaces are already crowded, & soon will be over populated.

Here's the harsh reality: Anyone can learn the skills to sell life insurance, knock doors until their knuckles bleed, show homes, & sell sell sell.


Here's 10 ways to do that..

1. Clarify WHY you MUST get into the top 10%: Why is this a must & not a maybe? Write that down. Take care of your family? Pay off your student loans? Why is your success important?

2. GET ATTENTION: Nobody knows you sell life insurance or real estate or water filters except for Aunt Sandi & Uncle Tony. You need to become, or be perceived as the expert in your field. Think content marketing, Instagram building, Facebook Live calls on the current trends & updates in your marketplace.. Force people to know you.

3. Develop a Bullet Proofed Mindset: You may not be able to control your leads, the weather, the current market values. However, your attitude is controllable. Be resilient, positive, optimistic, & enthusiastic about your career!

4. It's all about the Customer Experience: Clients / Customers want the best advice, the quickest service, & the most pleasant service. Interpersonal skills are very important here. You want to turn prospects into raving fans. Because they'll keep coming back for more & more.

5. You are in SALES. Never forget that: "Well I sell a dream. I sell life policies. I sell condos. I sell health." The bottom line here is that YOU ARE IN SALES. Make sure you are doing some type of sales training & always beating on your craft. Rebuttals, Objections, Opening, Presenting, & Closing.

6. Don't be afraid to PUT IN THE WORK. If your boss or broker or whoever tells you to show up at 9am. Be there at 8:30am. Be the last to leave. Make more calls, make more appointments, close more sales. Just out work everyone around you & you're going to win. Period.

7. Observation is key: If you're new to the profession OR you're not earning at-least $1K a week. You're still a newbie, rookie, beginner. Which is OK. Make sure you figure out who's performing at the highest level & observe everything they do. Success leaves clues. Don't reinvent the wheel. Copy & paste.

8. Be a chameleon: Always be able to adapt to the people, clients, customers, prospects, around you. The best of the best are able to relate and build trust with anyone, everywhere, every time. Know "them" better than they know themselves.

9. Don't be afraid to swing for the fences: Don't let fear, anxiety, worry, hold you back from going after the big sale. The million dollar home. The large policy. You never know what you're capable of until you try.

10. Enjoy the journey & Always Be Improving.
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