Discover Yourself

There are three categories of people. We 've the intrapreneur, employee and entrepreneur.

An employee is an individual that doesn't make a difference and care free about his job.

An intrapreneur is one who devotes himself to his job and takes the bull by the horn in his work place. He goes extra mile for his job. 

An entrepreneur is one who creates a venture, manages and bears the risk of his business. 

As an individual we should have at least two streams of income. How to create sources of income.

Know your pedigree talent and your natural talent. This would ease you and make you narrow your choice of business to your passion.

 Your pedigree talent is acquired from our parents while our natural talent is our God given gift. With

WHERE DO YOU BELONG? How do I know my talents?
Do the following exercise by asking 10 individuals who are close to you about your strengths weaknesses threats, opportunities and what they think you can do most.

Never take offenses in them. Rather ask for sincerity. 
At times our plans fail, delay, disappointment occur, our schedules are interrupted. Then we really need to view from another perspective and restrategize.

HOLD FAST NEVER GIVE UP because not all CLOSED DOORS ARE SHUT WE NEED TO PUSH. Keep that hope alive with actions. .Stop working "harder" but keep working "smarter"

Written By Innocent Ogbeide.
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