Brilliant Move

How about that for thinking out of the box! Brilliant move by Mr Tunde Fowler. Hats off to him and his lieutenants at FIRS. Why am I so excited? FIRS in a Public Notice published in the Guardian, October 5, 2016 waived penalty and interest on Tax liabilities from 2013 to 2015 in a special 45 day window. 

The tax payer needs to apply to the office of the FIRS Chairman for the waiver, pay at least 25% of the principal amount owed to enjoy this special waiver.

 It is a brilliant move that is business centric in this challenging times that will also help the government rake in more tax revenues in the period. So, if you are falling back on your taxes and facing a challenge to pay up, make sure you take advantage of this special window. 

After the window closes, the FIRS will be going after tax defaulters with all guns blazing and they will be more than justified. 

Just as I was agonizing over a N16.3 trillion debt profile announced on the front page of the Guardian, Mr Fowler made my day. Nigeria will change when we do the things that bring change. Thank you too Mr President for giving our Tax man a free hand to do this.
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