Eight Ways To Keep Your Rank, Income, Prestige, And Mental Health

Eight Ways To Keep Your Rank, Income, Prestige, And Mental Health In Network Marketing


🔥1. ALWAYS STAY IN PHASE 1: Regardless of how many people are in your group or how many dependable leaders you have, always stay in PHASE 1. PHASE 1 is when you're actively & consistently bringing in new customers & Independent Business Owners. You're continually breaking new people to the first few ranks in your company. You're always prospecting, presenting, closing, & launching.

🔥2. FOCUS ON BUILDING LAYERS OF LEADERSHIP: Sometimes it can seem like a one man or one woman show. I get it. My first company I felt like I had to be on every call, every webinar, and always be the one presenting the information. You've got to build great leaders around you. Give key people important responsibilities. Remember, to get this puppy to 7 figures, you have to break people to 6 figures. Identify your runners, aces, 10's.. & let them flap their wings.

🔥3. KEEP YOUR AXE SHARP: Make sure you're still reading the John Maxwell books, listening to the Tony Robbins audios, & watching your favorite legends on YouTube. You've got to stay sharp as a tack in order to stay at your current level & even elevate. Don't ever think you know everything. The second you think you know everything is exactly when you'll start to go backwards. Always invest in yourself. Spend the money to attend seminars, masterminds, & high level events.

🔥4. KEEP TRAVELING: Look, I'm not saying you need to be on tour 365. However, make a monthly trip to an up and coming market. Oh, I get it. You hit $100K a year so you think you can sit on your ass & collect checks. Let me introduce you to a few people who might change your mind on that one.
The A level players in this industry always know who's full of crap & who's legit, remember that. You're not fooling anyone. Everyone is busy. If your teams are important to you, you'll make the trek. If they're not, you'll make an excuse.

🔥5. STAY PLUGGED IN: Seems like common sense? Sense these days aren't so common. I had individuals seeing $2200/week yet couldn't make time for a 30 minute call. Guess who notices when you don't show up? Your group. They start to question your intentions, your commitment, etc. Get on the company calls. Chip in some ideas to corporate. Do anything to show your teams that you still give a damn & aren't just happy cashing checks every week. Again, won't turn out pretty.

🔥6. STAY PRESENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: I know people say, "Just because I don't post, doesn't mean I'm not doing anything . I believe it's important for you to show the world your work ethic. Agree or disagree, that's your call. But here's a $3,000,000 tip.. THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE I'VE SPONSORED FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS HAVE CALLED ME. Just keeping it real. When you post, you give people the chance to know you without knowing you. You also can motivate your team this way indirectly.

🔥7. PROMOTE & HOST EVENTS: I love the concept of building event to event in this industry. Always have your teams and groups running towards events. Having everyone's "eye on the prize" means more production, more rank ups, more customers, & things are always better this way. We all know that events change lives & information changes situations. Get the butts in the seats as often as you can. Events are BIG, real BIG.

🔥8. MASSIVE RECOGNITION: Nothing is better than giving people sincere recognition. Celebrate everything. Free product. $150/Month. Treat people good and make people feel good. It's one of the biggest secrets to getting people to perform at their highest levels. Babies cry for it, men die for it. RECOGNITION.
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