$600 A Month

There's so much "hype" in our industry around achieving $2000 a week, $8000 a month, $100,000+ a year, aka a 6 FIGURE INCOME. Now, I can completely agree with this because when I got started in 2011 all I could think about was the coveted 6 figure income mark.

However, if you want to be a 6 Figure Earner, the SWEET SPOT, in my professional opinion, is getting people to $600 a month. I know through experience when you can help enough people get to $600/month everything else will take care of itself. Everyone loves bragging about the $10K, $25K, $50K, $100K earners but what we should be bragging about is how many people we can get into the $600/month club.

$600/month, especially in today's economic situation, is LIFE CHANGING to the the average college kid, single parent, & normal family in this country and other countries around the world.

One of the MAJOR REASONS why I partnered with my current company is because of the simple path (12 total subscribers) to achieve a residual income of $600 a month. In your PBR's, Home Events, Coffee and Jazz Mixers, Travel Parties, or I like to call them LAUNCH EVENTS, don't talk about $10K a month. Talk about $600/Month. The average person can't wrap their head around $10K a month, start small and have those "bigger # convos" privately with the aces at the event.

& yes, if you're a fellow millennial, I understand you can enroll more people faster when you hype hype hype big incomes. Trust me, they'll leave just as fast when they have unrealistic expectations. We enrolled 100 NEW people a day, everyday, for over 52 weeks LOL. Just take my word for it. The opportunity needs to be "pitched" as a journey to wealth, not overnight Lambos.
If you're a leader, and you have a dream to be on stage earning $8K-$100K+ a month, focus on getting people to $600/month. & do it over and over and over again. & build leadership that can create independent certified rockstars.

Written By Alex Morton.
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