Regular Exercise is The Healthy Option

Those days are long gone when you have to be on the big side to be called beautiful or living well.

It is commonly stated within the African community, that the bigger a person is, shows an evidence of good living. 

To be slim is seen as being malnutritious. To own a gym now in Africa particularly here in Nigeria is big business and the caliber of people who flood them is unbelievable.

I feel we should thank pioneers like Pamela Mojekwe former miss keep fit trainer back then.

Owning a gym and people who went there were mocked in the 70s and 80's and were asked to look for better jobs. Good food, and regular exercise is a healthy option to consuming so many food supplements.

 If you want to be beautiful in and out  (LEPA SHANDY) You will need to visit your nearest Gymnasium , Worry less, eat the right type of food and sleep well.

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