Reduce The Embarrasing Unemployment Rate

HOW CAN WE TACKLE YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT WHEN WE DONT EVEN HAVE A WELL-ARTICULATED NATIONAL YOUTH POLICY?                                                                          

 In case I missed it, I will like someone to please show me the Youth Policy of this Govt? They promised to provide employment for 20 million unemployed youths before we voted for them, but how can you make YOUTH EMPLOYMENT a serious national undertaken, when you don't even have any articulated NATIONAL POLICY PAPER that will guide both public and private entities in their own planning? 

What exactly is our NATIONAL STRATEGY TO REDUCE THE EMBARRASING UNEMPLOYMENT RATE among our youths, beyond asking youths to go and farm with their hands in their villages? What is our policy on Digital Empowerment for youths? How are expecting to solve this problem from the national level?

I can't stop being amazed on how our governments, PAST AND PRESENT, seemed to be relying on 'HOPE POLICY' to get us out of a messy mass unemployment situation.

We keep hoping that Nigeria will be better but HOPE STRATEGY as a government policy, is the strategy of losers and visionless leaders. We need a well thought-out integrated policy to engage our youths and empower them to end the nightmarish unemployment situation in the country. So far, Lalung is very short on sharing an inspiring vision for our youths and I wonder why Baba is still keeping him in office.

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