Things Men Want But Won't Tell Or Ask Their Women

Sometime not all the feelings and wants men will like to tell their women because it might make them look less of men. For example it won’t seem right telling a woman ,‘You don’t give me enough of your time, some men feels it would also seem stupid telling them.

 Here am going to states some basic things all men want from their women, but will never tell them.

1.Most men are found of been with their friends but love spending quality time with their woman. So always take advantage of that fact and find some ways you can spend more time with your man.
Most men like the companionship of the woman they really care about.

2.You don’t have to be a super model for your man to be happy. Just putting some effort out there to look your best is enough and you can trust that you will look great in his eyes when you
wear something he likes to see you in and watch when he notice the effort you made.

3. Men respond much better to a pleasant tone of voice with the woman they are in a relationship with, and truly everyone appreciate a friendly nice tone of voice. Sometime it might not be every time but it is something you can try to work on.

4. Always encourage the man in your life, most men like to know that the woman they love is on their side, cheering them up, Your faith in them is important. They think that if you believe in them then surely they can win.

5. Another thing is appreciating the act will endear you to him, meaning always appreciate whatever your  man does for you. You will probably find that he wants to do more for you when you appreciate his efforts. Remember everyone like to be appreciated and it doesn’t cost a lot to express it.

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